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Dear friends

      Welcome to ZhengBang Group website.

      We are chronically commitmented to the agricultural industrialization, and we will actively create an effective industry value chain to keep our strong competitive edge in the industry and to offer our customers with first-class products and services. For a new development in agricultural production, a new change in rural areas and a new life improvement of farmers, we are ready at all times.

      As Heaven’s movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along. We are breaking down stereotypes, innovating institutional mechanisms, improving the business model and the "Second Pioneering" strategy will help achieve the new take-off of ZHENGBANG GROUP CO. We must do a whole new image and new civilizations of ZHENGBANG GROUP, a "green, safety, health, fashion, responsible" food provider, an excellent circulation service provider integrated by China’s agricultural and creat the first-calss brands and enterprise style and features in the industry. At the same time, to develop and deepen ZHENGBANG values, cultural values and strengthen the sense of social responsibility, to vigorously enhance staff quality and their civilization level, to improve staff’s work dedication spirit and responsible civic awareness and let them strive to be civilized persons in society and industry.

      In the past, our ZHENGBANG GROUP belongs to Jiangxi Province, but now, we belongs to China, and Later, we will be to the world! Facing challenge, we could grasp the nettle, because this is an era of “The wide sea allows the fish to leap about and vast sky the birds to fly”, because under our enterprise culture, " So many heart feelings make up space, Listen the thunder at the places of no sound”, because we have an excellent team that dare “let the mountains make way”.

      I firmly believe that as long as our ZHENGBANG staff make great efforts to develop and advance together, surely, we will be able to shoulder the important task of national revitalization and create a splendid future.


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