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·ZGT Group Sticks to high starting point and rapid development [ 2015-07-02 ](Click 3026 Times)
·Investment 200,000 miles away: Zhengbang launched project in Egypt, the middle-eastern country—Xie Ru, vice governor of Jiangxi province, highly recommended Zhengbang’s project during her visit in Egypt [ 2015-07-02 ](Click 2384 Times)
·Xiao Yi, Secretary of Fuzhou municipal committee of the CPC, met a delegation led by Lin Yinsun [ 2015-07-02 ](Click 2376 Times)
·“It’s good to make a big company beneficial for everyone!”Lu Xinshe, governor of Jiangxi province, praised Zhengbang’s core value during his visit to Zhengbang [ 2015-04-07 ](Click 2627 Times)
·Lin Yinsun, delegate of the NPC, lived up to the full trust placed on him and performed duties in accordance with law, returning with honors after attending the third session of the 12th NPC [ 2015-04-07 ](Click 1587 Times)
·Zhengbang held 2015 Summit Forum [ 2015-02-05 ](Click 1863 Times)
·Adaptation to new normal of economy for achieving new rise of Zhengbang [ 2015-02-05 ](Click 1915 Times)
·Jiang Yikang, secretary of Shangdong Provincial Committee of CPC, and Guo Shuqing, governor of Shangdong province, met with Lin Yinsun [ 2015-01-14 ](Click 1680 Times)
·Wang Qinmin, vice chairman of CPPCC and chairman of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce met with Lin Yinsun, board chairman and president of Zhengbang Group [ 2015-01-14 ](Click 1945 Times)
·Lin Yinsun was awarded the honor of “national excellent builders of socialist cause with Chinese characteristics among people from non-pubic economy sector” [ 2015-01-14 ](Click 1769 Times)
·Strengthened cooperation between banks and enterprises for co-creating bright future [ 2014-06-23 ](Click 2339 Times)
·Wan Qinmin came to Nanchang for investigation and encouraged Zhengbang to make Party committee of this private enterprise play its role as a fort. [ 2014-06-23 ](Click 2064 Times)
·Zhengbang hold 2014 High-Level Seminar [ 2014-02-17 ](Click 1827 Times)
·Spring Festival Gala to Celebrate Joint Efforts and Achievement Sharing for Building Up Zhengbang into the One with 100 Billion Output Value” [ 2014-02-17 ](Click 2046 Times)
·Green rising for the Path of Agriculture Modernization and advance to 100 billion output value Zhengbang Hold 2013 Summarizing and Awarding Meeting and 2014 Pledging and Mobilization Meeting [ 2014-02-17 ](Click 1882 Times)
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