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·Vice Governor Hu Youtao Chaired a Site Working Meeting, Intending to Promote [ 2013-12-30 ](Click 1373 Times)
·Provincial Units and Cities Made Great Efforts to Provide Assistance in Building Zhengbang Group into an Enterprise with an Output Value of 100 Billion Yuan [ 2013-12-24 ](Click 1197 Times)
·Zhengbang Group’s Investment in Integrated Project of a Million Pigs Breeding in SiPing City of Jilin Province [ 2013-12-24 ](Click 1044 Times)
·Zhengbang Group invests heavily in talents to mold Genmax to be the 1st brand in boar industry [ 2013-11-05 ](Click 1438 Times)
·To strongly promote the development of Zhengbang Group by Party construction - Zhengbang Group hosted Jiangxi Province Non-public Party Working Committee Meeting. [ 2013-07-10 ](Click 1681 Times)
·Jiangxi Agriculture Department Director Gan Liangmiao visited Zhengbang Group - to cheer for Zhengbang Group to achieve its output value of billions. [ 2013-07-06 ](Click 1542 Times)
·The Image Exhibition and elegant demeanour show [ 2013-05-29 ](Click 1758 Times)
·The Zhengbang Group president Lin Yinsun participated in the Annual Meeting of Jiangxi GanFu Chamber of Commerce. [ 2013-03-06 ](Click 2087 Times)
·Zhengbang Group and Linwu County signed a memorandum of cooperation [ 2013-01-30 ](Click 1630 Times)
·Zhengbang Group's 2012 annual awards ceremony and "Zhengbang's rhyme" Spring Concert was solemnly opened. [ 2013-01-16 ](Click 1800 Times)
·Zhengbang Group's 2013 New Year's party was held with great pomp and rejoicings. [ 2013-01-16 ](Click 1607 Times)
·President Lin Yinsun visited Kenya, Senegal on a delegation from Jiangxi. [ 2012-12-21 ](Click 1665 Times)
·Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson met with the vice president of Zhengbagn Group Nie Xiaohong. [ 2012-12-19 ](Click 1650 Times)
·Zhengbang Group chairman and president Lin Yinsun was elected to the Eleventh Executive Committee of National Federation. [ 2012-12-19 ](Click 1631 Times)
·The contruction of the product traceability system of Zhengbang Group has became the revolution of pork's "ID card" - Zhengbang Group attended the Fifth China Green Food Expo. [ 2012-11-29 ](Click 1949 Times)
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