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·Zhengbang Group won a great debut in the 7th National Peasant Sports [ 2012-11-29 ](Click 1600 Times)
·Zhengbang Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangxi Province Branch of China Construction Bank - to strengthen the bank-enterprise cooperation and to achieve mutual benefit. [ 2012-11-29 ](Click 1961 Times)
·The provincial leaders and leaders from Nanchang Branch of China Minsheng Bank(CMSB) and his party visited Zhengbang Group [ 2012-11-29 ](Click 1800 Times)
·Zhengbang Group has won three glorious titles of China top 500 and one honor of National Excellent Initiative and Outstanding Performance, Zhengbang Group is both strong and excellent with "four blessings". [ 2012-11-29 ](Click 1694 Times)
·"Genmax Doctoral Forum” brings independent innovations to the domestic pig breeding industry [ 2012-11-29 ](Click 1982 Times)
·Zhengbang Group plans to invest 1.6 billion RMB in the ecological agriculture construction project in Dongying city, Shandong province. [ 2012-11-23 ](Click 2426 Times)
·Zhengbang Group launched a strong brand "Genmax" and to build China's first brand with the production of 1 million "Genmax" pigs [ 2012-10-30 ](Click 2735 Times)
·Shang Yong, deputy secretary of Jiangxi Province, met with Lin Yinsun [ 2012-10-30 ](Click 1521 Times)
·Yu Xiaofa, the head of the provincial forestry work master station visited Mr. Lin Yinsun [ 2012-10-26 ](Click 1548 Times)
·Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology CO., LTD., won the title of 2011 Taurus listed top 100 companies [ 2012-10-08 ](Click 3003 Times)
·Genmax Pig company helps needy employees [ 2012-10-08 ](Click 1741 Times)
·Delegation from Sanya City, Hainan Province, visited Zhengbang Group [ 2012-09-19 ](Click 1484 Times)
·The CPC Committee of Zhengbang Group has won the honorary title of "Model CPC Branch of Excellent Initiative and Outstanding Performance" [ 2012-09-05 ](Click 1972 Times)
·Xia Lihua, mayor of Daqing city, had a cordial meeting with president Lin and his party -part 4 of the northeast travelling of president Lin [ 2012-09-04 ](Click 2014 Times)
·Cai Xiaoming, member of Jiangxi Provincial CPC Standing Committee and secretary of Jiangxi United Front Work Department inspected Zhengbang Group [ 2012-09-04 ](Click 1683 Times)
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