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·Enterprises and government join together to seek common development and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation in project construction [ 2012-08-30 ](Click 1841 Times)
·Zhu Qingwen, party secretary of Suihua city had a cordial meeting with president Lin and his party - part III of the northeast travelling of president Lin [ 2012-08-21 ](Click 1816 Times)
·Second part of president Lin's travel in the northeast of China [ 2012-08-10 ](Click 1587 Times)
·President Lin was elected as the part-time Vice-Chairman of the Tenth Executive Committee of Jiangxi Province Federation of Industry and Commerce [ 2012-07-28 ](Click 1722 Times)
·Wang changsong, Party Secretary of SongYuan City, met with president Lin and his party delegation [ 2012-07-28 ](Click 1501 Times)
·Zhengbang Technology Co., starts a strategic planning in Henan province to build a industrialization project of ecologically raising 4 million pigs [ 2012-07-17 ](Click 1749 Times)
·The Zhengbang green agricultural products were highly visible at the Poyang Lake Green Agricultural Products (Hong Kong) promotion meeting [ 2012-07-17 ](Click 1782 Times)
·Vullat, director-general of International Epizootic Office(OIE), met with Nie Xiaohong, vice president of Zhengbang Group [ 2012-07-16 ](Click 1863 Times)
·Agriculture and fisheries minister of the republic of Iceland granted an appointment to Nie xiaohong, vice president of Zhengbang Group [ 2012-07-16 ](Click 1674 Times)
·Yuan longhua, deputy director of raw materials department of China's ministry of industry and information technology, investigated Zhengbang Group [ 2012-07-16 ](Click 1934 Times)
·The fifth session of the eighth Council of China Pesticide Industry Association was held successfully [ 2012-07-16 ](Click 1601 Times)
·Zhengbang Group held a reception dinner for China Pesticide Industry Association [ 2012-07-14 ](Click 1787 Times)
·Zhengbang Group appeared in the biggest animal husbandry exhibition in Asia [ 2012-07-14 ](Click 1438 Times)
·The industrialization project signing ceremony of Zhengbang Group's investment on ecological breeding of 6 million pigs in Heilongjiang province was held successfully [ 2012-06-25 ](Click 1885 Times)
·Mr. Simon Coveney, Agricultural, Food and Maritime Affairs Minister of the republic of Ireland, met Nie Xiaohong, the vice president of Zhengbang Group. [ 2012-06-08 ](Click 1700 Times)
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