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Standards for staff of Zhengbang Group
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1、Identify with Zhengbang Group culture and promote, practice it actively

A、Familiar with the enterprise culture and deeply identify with it

B、Publicize the enterprise culture positively

C、Have a strong sense of responsibility as the master, proud of being a member of the enterprise

D、Observe the regulations of the company

E、brave to expose and stop all the behaviors which do harm to the company

F、put enterprise culture into practice

2、Good mindset and full of passion to work

A、competent for difficult work with a good health and full of energy

B、Keep on doing sports, take part in all kinds of useful and healthy activities

C、Nice attitude to work, and to the company with a great gratitude

D、honest and optimistic, always keeping the enthusiasm for work

E、Finish everyday work, and make progress everyday

3、Keep team work spirit and encourage others to achieve goals together

A、Obey organization arrangement and company management

B、Care about colleagues, team work, help others

C、Care about each other in life and support each other`s work

D、good cooperation, good at creating a team work atmosphere

E、Infect and motivate the colleagues to overcome difficulties and achieve goals with confidence

F、In order to achieve the company's overall goals, be brave to sacrifice your personal and department of local interests

4、be diligent, modest and innovative with high decision-making and implementation capabilities

A、Keep on learning, absorbing new knowledge and theory and practice in the work

B、feel not ashamed to learn from subordinates, communicating with colleagues positively and learning from each other

C、Rich innovation consciousness, and be good at put forward rational suggestions

D、Working actively and efficiently, handles matters decisively, dare to make decision, good implementation ability

E、the urge for improvement, Self-motivated and willing to assume responsibilities

5、Diligent and respect the job, skilled in business

A、Work diligently, bears the burden of responsibility, no excuse, no drag but work careful

B、Skilled in business, with a very high theoretical level and operation skills

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