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The "pig culture" in "pig storm"
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     Liu Chuanzhi, the founder of the Lenovo Group, said: "the enterprise executive power is made up of many aspects: Firstly, whether the business strategy is right or not, secondly, whether there is enough resource, In addition, a very basic condition needed in a "big fight" is the corporate culture. since the establishment of Lenovo Group, we have played in several big games and we won by a solid cultural foundation.". At present, Zhengbang Group has entered "The Second Innovation" stage, the strategic plan and direction has been defined, there are tough battles, big battles one after another for us to play in. This is a profound reform of enterprises, also of the corporate culture, we require the construction of a new type of corporate culture to give spiritual motivation and intellectual support for the reform of enterprises, and to cheer for the development of enterprises.

     The president of Zhengbang Group, Mr. Lin has said many times that if we want to achieve the goal of second innovation, firstly we must change, then we must develop, but we change because we want to boost the development. If we want to change, we should start from changing our thoughts, find our way from the aspect of culture and the angle of awareness. ideas decide way out, attitude determines altitude! Unless determined in your mind, you can be determined in your action. Only if you take a serious attitude, problems can be solved correctly. The enterprise can only run long with right culture.

     So, in the current global context of economic crisis and on the occasion of the market downturn of pig price, 4 points are put forward in how to contribute Zhengbang new "pig culture":

     Firstly, leaders of the enterprise should break through the "pigsty-style ideal". the ideal of a pigsty was advanced by the great Einstein, it indicates those who are self-satisfied, sybaritic and not living dangerously. The perspective of the boss determines the development of the enterprise. To a large extent, enterprise culture is entrepreneurs culture. Zhengbang Group after 20 years of arduous pioneering, has achieved success with the foresight and strategy of the leaders. Despite of the success of the business, the leaders should still maintain a sense of crisis, not satisfy with being well off and muddle along. And don’t stop the development but decisively set up a great goal of “the second innovation”, try to cover the top echelons of the industry and become a leading enterprise. Enterprise leaders should be prescient and delete the words “accepting the status quo” from their vocabulary. They should take the lead and rush out of the” pigsty”, lead everybody to pursuit new dreams. The enterprise should go way outside its comfort zone and progress, even fry out of the country, to the world. Any enterprise, if with the strength to fry out of the country, will not stop its development or give up more profits due to the ideal of a pigsty.

     Secondly, be a happy breeder. This indicates that employees should work happily with full of passion. We aim to create a relaxing atmosphere of corporate culture. Staff united, enterprise harmonious, all staff love the pig breeding industry in single-mindedness, strengthen and expand the pig-raising industry. Work happily and vigorously, enjoy the joy of growth with our customers and company, to experience the happiness of growing.  Where there is competition, there is power. The employees will strive to obtain the happiness of success. Zhengbang Group should further improve its variety of systems like assessment, motivation, competitiveness system, particularly the stable long-effect mechanism. Employees should give full play to their competitive potential. To create a happy atmosphere of competition so that it can motivate employees to improve themselves in healthy competition, let them love pig-raising industry and improve their working efficiency. Only if there is a management system to follow, employees can work happily, and their happiness will be inevitably accumulated to be a kind of long-term and regular happiness. We want the system to give them happiness. We will make our rigid enterprise management system a little gentle, less blame, a little more praise, less punishment, a little more incentive, so that this happy atmosphere can be regularly maintained. The companies, which have chosen to make their employees happy, have the ability to pay for it. Employees who choose to work happily shall have prepared to devote to the company. They will see their work as a fun and their creation as enjoyment, they will take the initiative to ignite the passion for work, even if there is only 1% of the work, worthy of our 100% effort to complete it. We will not only produce pleasurable products but also a delightful spiritual culture, which is the excellence of Zhengbang Group.

     Thirdly, be the "strong pig" in Chinese pig industry. This is the spirit of the enterprise. Strong pig is a news event happened in the Wenchuan earthquake, a pig buried for 36 days and 864 hours still stayed alive, it reflects the desire for life, the strong and unyielding spirit in the face of adversity. Every enterprise desires for longevity, dreams of becoming a century-old factory, great companies arise from great dreams. But the road to make the dream true is not smooth, there will always failure, frustration and even difficulties on the way, if we want to overcome the difficulties and succeed in our second innovation, we should learn from the spirit of the "strong pig". Since the beginning of this year, as the international financial turmoil intensified, macroeconomic situation changed, in recent months, feed, hog prices continued to fall, the market downturn. Like many other companies, Zhengbang Group has been under severe baptism and suffered a great loss. But if we have to find our own way of survival, we must become a "strong pig". Obviously, only the company with plenty of cash flow and liquidity can become a good "strong pig". Just like that animals can only survive in winter by reserving a certain amount of fat. Fortunately, Zhengbang Group funding chain is not in too much tension, we have the capital to be a "strong pig", "I am fat, I am strong", which is hard power, but at the same time we should also have the soft power, such as the business model of the overall business management and control model of grass-roots units, competitive index of each plate and corporate culture influence, etc. As to the system culture of Zhengbang Group, there are many problems, for example, bloated organization, multiple-level office hierarchies, excessive procedures, low efficiency. Therefore, if we want to grow bigger and stronger, we must lose weight, do addition after subtraction, innovate institutional culture and streamline the organization, improve the strength of decision-making and execution, cultivate its intrinsic competence. During the downturn in the industry, we must learn from the "strong pig" that survived in the earthquake by a miracle, we must also tenaciously survived even by weight-loss, of course, we take the initiative to thin, rather than passively forced to thin.

     Fourthly, Be the natal family of pig farmers. This is a metaphor, to indicate the social responsibility of the enterprise. As a leading enterprise in agriculture, we should play a leading role of demonstration, radiation and propagation. To lead farmers to get rich, become the close friends of pig farmers, to provide them with custom-made animal health programs, to make our enterprise become the natal family of pig farmers, and construct a community of interests in the form of "company plus farmers', farmers into the big family of Zhengbang Group, to feel the warmth of "home" and the love of "family". Zhengbang Group, adhere to the "three rural" issues, "from the people, giving back to people.", and stick to the developing of enterprises and enriching of peasants, continue to play the role of a leading enterprise. For one hand, give full play to the role of pig breeding, to provide better products, technology and services for farmers; on the other hand, the use of end-market sales network to ensure the farmers 'economic benefits and reduce the management risk of farmers. During the whole development process of the industry, we will taking full use of our advantages to ensure the development of each link in industrial chain. Therefore, when we try to get through the industrial value chain and demonstrate the investment projects, we can not ignore how much profit these projects will create for the enterprise itself, meanwhile, we must count for farmers how much wealth we create for them and what problems we have solved for them. In this way, our wishful thinking will become a reality. Only based on the purpose of solving the "three rural" issues and helping farmers to get rich, the growth and development of Zhengbang Group can have a greater significance and generate soft power for cultural competition. There is no doubt that Zhengbang Group culture is the culture of the majority of pig farmers.

     Almost without exception, century-old factories were constructed by culture, just like above mentioned development experience of Lenovo Group, the development of a enterprise must be based on enterprise culture, it needs solid cultural foundation. The vision of Zhengbang Group is encouraging, the culture also needs to be kept pace with the times, and continuously improve our own cultural competitiveness. (written by Zhou guohua, from the culture department of Zhengbang Group.)

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