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Everyone being a manager, everyone being a boss
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      Zhengbang Group has entered into the "second innovation", the direction and path of development are entirely correct, the merits and achievements can never be negated. To stop or reverse innovation would only lead to a blind alley. we have no choice but move forwards. To a great extent, the success of the "second innovation" is widely conditioned by the following 3 aspects:

      1, operation innovation,which reflects concretely what Zhengbang Group intends to do. Zhengbang Group needs to make a further plan about how to do business bigger and better, and all the staff of the group should make efforts on the innovation in terms of enterprise operation and management. The group company also needs the wisdom and talents of the staff, the employees of Zhengbang Group should further open the mind, dare to think, to do, and should mainly think about the following aspects:

      One is about business operation. We must always persist in the “asset-light” strategy, as far as possible, avoid significant investment in fixed assets, and put management talents, technology, team, network and brand in the first place;

      Then, the innovation in management ideas, if we want to maintain leading position in the industry, we must have advanced ideas, scientific outlook on development, high philosophical accomplishment and quick break in business innovation, so that we will be in strong power and influence and achieve our operation goal, become the leaders and organizers of the industry.

      At last, cultural innovation, be good at mastering people’s heart and managing society. Only advanced culture can represent the advanced productive forces, we must make full use of our resources to do our business bigger and stronger, therefore, our management innovation must be based on the spirit of “people oriented development, justice guided prosperity.” In this way, we can be a ”century-old Zhengbang Group, great Zhengbang Group”.

      2, system innovation, we must construct a professional organization, cultivate special abilities and build industrial chain, become the leader and organizers in the industry, we will set up our controlling companies in different field according to the plan and layout of two industrial chains and three networks.

      As to the building of industrial chain, firstly, we should construct two links in the chain, especially the key technology of terminating network and key value chain of brand creating, to drive the development of other links, according to the plan, comprehensive idea and overall coordination layout of three networks, we will drive the building of industrial chain and arrangement of networks as a whole, in part, organization should be designed by specialization, make our company stronger and then bigger, arrange the layout of our controlling companies;based on the business figures of our different controlling companies, reasonably design and set up the head office in functional departments, technology planning, raw materials base planning and district planning, as well as the whole business model and control model; besides, we must reflect our Zhengbang Group culture, efficiently organize and integrate our social resources, absorb more and more social units and organizations to join us, we must really become the organizer and leader of the industry; we should also have a good plan on the combination of finance and industry, and develop our various industries by the energy of finance and capital market.

      3, mechanism innovation, enterprise mechanism can concretely reflect Zhengbang Group culture and vitality, it is also an important component of enterprise competition advantage. According to the development plan of Zhengbang Group, we must break through in mechanism innovation.

      At first, promptly solve the problem of integrating talents and resources. Namely innovating our mechanisms by various share-holding cooperation, contract and strategic alliances, quickly bring in talents, make various cooperation with excellent enterprises in the industry, and try to enter into new industry as soon as possible.

      Secondly, mechanism innovation inside the organization, under the large and open organization system of Zhengbang Group, vigorously promote the short, medium and long-term incentive mechanism, mobilize the initiative and sense of ownership of the staff at all levels.

      Then, set up personalized mechanism, we will maintain our relations of friendly cooperation with all circles of the society, such as the government, research institutes and community organization, etc.

      At last, Through ERP construction, the combination of enterprise resource planning with process reengineering in the form of informatization and electronization, and achieve our operation goal of make the best possible use of human resources and materials.

      In all, the principle of mechanism innovation must reflect our enterprise culture of "everyone being a manager, everyone being a boss" and "turn small companies into big ones, and turn big companies into everyone shared companies". (From the speech of president Lin Yinsun at the summarization convention.)

The picture shows president Lin Yinsun who is making an important speech at the 2008 annual summary commendation congress

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