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Enterprise mission: Feelings fastens three rural issues, bring benefits to the society, the prosperity guided by justice
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     China is an agricultural country, with 850 million farmers. However, the lagging of ideas, the living standard is much lower than that in developed countries, this is China's basic national conditions. through the business idea of " Turn small companies into big ones, and turn big companies into everyone shared companies " and scientific concept of development, Zhengbang Group has led tens of thousands of people of insight into agriculture and animal husbandry industry, rushing into the open rural areas, serve the masses of farmers, benefits the whole society.

     Everyone, once obtained certain achievements, should seriously rethink the meaning of life, that is what we are living for. "so many attractive mountains in this world that nobody can climb them all, but we can feel the happiness in the process by our heart". Life is limited, the infinite life, endless pursuit! In the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, each of us must be ambitious, actively involved in the hot economic construction of the country, especially those who struggle on the agricultural industrialization front, must care for the fate of his nation and people, sincerely help farmer brothers get rich, share the same breath and common destiny with the country and the people, dedicate our own intelligence and life to solve the problem of "agriculture, countryside and farmers", so as to realize the worth of our lives.

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