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Green rising for the Path of Agriculture Modernization and advance to 100 billion output value Zhengbang Hold 2013 Summarizing and Awarding Meeting and 2014 Pledging and Mobilization Meeting
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On the morning of January 15th , Zhengbang Group hold summarizing and awarding meeting and 2014 pledging and mobilization meeting themed on “Rising in Green Path and Heading for 100 Billion Output Value”. More than 1200 people have participated in the meeting, including board members of Zhengbang Group and members of president office,namely Lin Yinsun, Zhou Ximing, Cheng Fangui, Zhou Jian, Lin Feng, Nie Xiaohong, Wang Chuang, Zhou Xiaohui and Ma Xinmin, representatives from industrial groups, functional department representatives of the group, branch representatives from 27 provinces and cities of China, including Helongjiang Zhengbang,Jilin Zhengbang, Guangxi Zhengbang, Guiyang Zhengbang, Shandong Zhengbang, Russia Zhengbang, representatives from joint enterprises of Zhengbang in 7 provinces,namely Deyang Zhengpeng in Sichuan province, Guangxi Mubiao, Hubei Liangjiang, Henan Guanglian,Shandong Wanshixing, Guangdong Debao and Hunan Guanglian, company and farmer representatives, supplier representatives and relative representatives.

Leaders from relevant state ministries and commissions, industrial associations as well as provincial and city governments have been invited to present at the meeting, including Gao Hongbin, former deputy minister of Ministry of Agriculture and president of China Feed Industry Association, Xiong Shengwen, former vice governor of Jiangxi province and consultant of the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, Li Xirong, head of National Animal Husbandry Services and vice president and secretary-general of China Animal Husbandry Association, Wang Desheng, executive deputy director of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of Helongjiang Province, Yu Linju, secretary-general of Shanghai Meat Association, Yang Luyong director of Agriculture Industrialization Office of Shangdong Province and representative appointed by Agriculture Department of Shangdong Province, Ron-lan, general manager of Genesus China, Lorne and Vicki, technical directors of Genesus China, Yuan Minzhong, Division Chief of Development and Planning Division of Agriculture Department of Guangdong Province and representative appointed by Agriculture Department of Guangdong Province, Huang Xiaohua, Executive deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Jiangxi Provincial Committee, Gan Liangmiao, director-general of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Agriculture, Wang Ping, director of Jiangxi Local Taxation Bureau, Lei Yuanjiang, chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce, Wu Wenfeng, deputy director-general of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Wan Guogen, deputy director-general of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Agriculture, Jiang Mingcheng, deputy director of Commission of Industry and Technology Information of Jiangxi Province, Liu Fuyuan, deputy director of Jiangxi Grain Administration, Huang Fengyan, director of Jiangxi Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, Lan Yongqing, division chief of Agriculture Industrialization Division of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Agricuture, Luo Jinxun, deputy secretary-general of Nanchang Government and Liu Dehui, deputy secretary of Party Working Committee of Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone.

Six items have been carried out during the meeting which is chaired by Nie Xiaohong, vice president of Zhengbang. First, it’s national anthem performance. Second, it’s the pledging made by all the staffs of Zhengbang. Third, it’s the working report made by president Lin. Fourth, it’s awarding decision announced by vice president Zhou Ximing. Fifth, it’s awards presenting. Sixth, it’s remarks made by leaders and guests.

In the work report themed on Rising in Green Path and Heading for 100 Billion Output Value, Lin Yinsun, board chairman, president and secretary of Party Committee of Zhengbang Group has given a comprehensive summary about Zhengbang’s efforts in the past year. He noted that Zhengbang went through various difficulties and achieved rapid development in 2013. It’s in 2013 that Party Committee and government care for Zhengbang the most and gave the strongest support to Zhengbang. It’s in 2013 year that Zhengbang made great achievement in production and management and had an excellent beginning for heading for 100 billion output value. We have achieved an output value of 36 billion yuan and per capital output value of 100,000 yuan throughout the year. It’s also in 2013 that Zhengbang made significant achievement in corporate culture and great improvement in morale. It’s the year for Zhengbang to make breakthrough in innovation of ecological civilization construction and reach strongest momentum of green rising. Moreover, it’s also in 2013 that Zhengbang conducted political civilization construction and carried out its efforts with richer characteristics on Party building of non-pubic economy.

President Lin identified planning of Zhengbang’s project aiming for 100 billion output value: Rising in Green Path and Heading for 100 Billion Output Value, namely making efforts to build up industrialized agricultural carrier, provide safe food and “go out” for being international. In 2014, efforts will be made to head for 500 billion yuan. Output values in 2015, 2016 and 2017 should be over 60 billion yuan, 80 billion yuan and 100 billion yuan respectively.

President Lin had made concrete arrangement for the work in 2014. The development thought has been identified as “to achieve a goal, gather two forces, implement three strategies, focus on making four items strong and strengthen five securities”, namely to achieve a goal of 50 billion output value, to coordinate two resources including talent and capital, to integrate two forces including integrate external and internal forces, to implement three strategies including merging, internalization and transition, make four items strong including the core of agricultural and animal husbandry industry, brand of planting industry, leading role of financial industry and foundation of agriculture sight-seeing property, and strengthen security on organization power, corporate culture, technology innovation, rules implementation and team cohesion.

At last, president Lin called on all the staffs to be ambitious in taking adventure and making dreams come true, to be determined to take forceful steps and deliver tangible results, to insist the belief that persistent efforts can solve any problem. We should stick to achieving 100 billion output value, thus making greater contribution to promote the development of new agriculture civilization in China.

Leaders such as Gao Hongbin, Xiong Shengwen, Li Xirong, Wang Desheng, Yu Linju, Gan Liangmiao, Wang Ping and Lei Yuanjiang have made important remarks. Ron-lan has also made warm remarks.

Li Xirong, head of National Animal Husbandry Services has given credit for development of Zhengbang Group and encouraged Zhengbang Group to take opportunity of relevant supporting policies and meet market demands. Efforts should be made to improve and extend its industry chains and accelerate its development with improved technology, thus making greater contribution to animal husbandry of China.

Xiong Shengwen, former vice governor of Jiangxi province and consultant of the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, said that the goal of 100 billion output value raised by Zhengbang Group met the general trend of current development of agriculture industrialization , conditions of Jiangxi province and policy raised by provincial Party committee and provincial government that is “to achieve upgrading of development, speed up well-off life, rise in green path  and make Jiangxi prosperous through practices”. He hoped that Zhengbang can take opportunity to achieve the goal of 100 billion output value earlier so as to promote development of Jiangxi and benefit local people.

Gao Hongbin, former minister of Ministry of Agriculture has given credit for Zhengbang’s important role on promoting development of agriculture modernization in China, rural development and income of farmers. Meanwhile, he hoped that Zhengbang Group would continuously implement guiding principles of the 3rd Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee and expand domestic and foreign market. Moreover, based on the orientation of developing modern agriculture, efforts should be made to improve management mechanism, optimize development environment and promote agriculture development to be specified, large-scaled and organized, intending to speed up the achievement of the goal of 100 billion output value and accelerate greater development of China’s agriculture.

At the meeting, many people and a department were given awards: including 1 for the award of 2013 Special Contribution, 3 for the award of Best Efficiency, 4 for Best Improvement, one department for the award of Excellent Department, 29 for the award of Excellent Supervisor, 119 for the award of Excellent Staff, 15 for the award of New Star, 18 for the award of Excellent Family Member, and 11 for the award of Excellent Supplier.

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