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Spring Festival Gala to Celebrate Joint Efforts and Achievement Sharing for Building Up Zhengbang into the One with 100 Billion Output Value”
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On the evening of January 15th, 2013, Zhengbang group held 2014 Spring Festival Gala themed on “joint efforts and achievement sharing for building up Zhengbang into the one with 100 billion output value” in Qianhu Hotel. More than 1000 staffs from Zhengbang and celebrities have watched the performance.

The gala started with grand water drum dancing which integrated sound with light and waterscape and made all the audients surprised. President Lin Yinsun delivered a welcome speech and thanked all the staffs for their hard work and all walks of life for their care on Zhengbang. He wished that everyone can enjoy the beautiful night and wish everyone a happy horse year. Zhengbang’s figure, a poetry read by a group of people, resonated with everyone. “We are the follower of Zhengbang’s figure and we work with hot blood in flowing air.”In this passionate performance of poetry reading, every seemed to find out the ambitious staffs of Zhengbang who are heading for the goal of 100 billion output value around China. Audience applauded repeatedly for characteristic performance “Ballet on Shoulder”. With the graceful music, female dancer did ballet flexibly on male dancer’s shoulder and head. This is a performance perfectly combined with western ballet and eastern acrobatics, which won repeated applause of audience. The gala ended up with One Family, a song with moving melody. President Lin, together with members of president office, sang this song and took a photo with all performers.

In that sunny afternoon, Zhengbang organized fun sports game to celebrate the grand opening of “three conferences” of the group. Staffs were very active in participating in various games, including group rope skipping, group tug-of-war, six feet binding among five persons, balloon holding with back, and balloon blowing. Han Tao from Minxing Veterinary Drug Corporation has won the first prize in balloon blowing games. He said excitedly:” Fun games make us relaxed after finishing work and we feel very happy when participating in such games. We hope that there will be many more of this kind of games in the group.

In recent years, when speeding up its economic development, Zhengbang group has also made great efforts to strengthen corporate culture building and actively carried out a variety of entertainments, intending to enrich cultural life of staffs and seek for their physical and mental pleasure.

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