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Zhengbang hold 2014 High-Level Seminar
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On the afternoon of January 15th, 2014, Zhengbang 2014 High-Level Seminar was successfully held in Qianhu Hotel. Lin Yinsun, board chairman and president of Zhengbang Group, all members of president office and more than 400 administrative staffs in middle and high level serving in departments of agriculture and animal husbandry, planting, finance, real estate and functional departments of the group have attended the seminar at which industrial groups have carried out in-depth discussion on industrial hot spot and strategy for development in the future.

Through the high-level seminar, agriculture and animal husbandry group has made a discussion on the relations between Zhengbang’s feeding industry and the whole industrial chain, how to build up sustainable development for the overall health level of pigs, analysis of marketing modes of China’s benchmark enterprises in this industry, experience of breeding pig development in Eurvope and U.S.A

Planting industrial group has carried out dialogue on topics such as change of market environment and solutions, how to improve staffs’ morale and how to build up planting industrial chain. Staffs from Zhengbang Bio-Chemical Company, Xianrui Chemical Industry Company, Jiangnan Rice, as well as sasanqua and camphor industries have spoken actively and made heated discussion.

Financial industrial group carried out speeches themed on “my dream on Zhengbang”. When talking about his “dream on Zhengbang”, Yu Dongwen, financial director of the group noted that in the future, Zhengbang will make efforts to be technicalized, informationized and industrialized. Based on this goal, financial department of the group will continuously improve organization structure, build up financial management system and seek for point of value creation in 2014.

President Lin made remarks to financial industry group that he hoped financial department of Zhengbang can conduct its work based on specialization and financial staffs can improve their comprehensive quality and professional skills and strengthen their professional virtues and study on their business.

Discussion on agricultural tourism and ecological sightseeing of Zhengbang were also carried out at the meeting.

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