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Wan Qinmin came to Nanchang for investigation and encouraged Zhengbang to make Party committee of this private enterprise play its role as a fort.
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On May 5th, Wang Qinmin, vice chairman of CPPCC and chairman of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, together with Tan Lin, director of Economic Department of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, led a group of 6 people to Nanchang for investigation on construction of grass-root organization of Federation of Industry & Commerce. Cai Xiaoming, Member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the CPC and director of the United Front Work Department of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the CPC, Sun Jusheng, vice chairman of Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Lei Yuanjiang, chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry & Commerce, and Liu Jinyan, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the CPC and secretary of Party Leadership Group of Jiangxi Federation of Industry & Commerce have attended the discussion, with participation of representatives from more than 30 private enterprises of Jiangxi. President Lin Yinsun, on behalf of private enterprises of Jiangxi, made a remark and reported to Chairman Wang and leaders present the progress of Party construction as well as producing and operating performance of Zhengbang Group.

President Lin made a remark on Three Requirements for Party Construction and Considerate Service to Rural Area, Agriculture and Farmer. He began with an introduction of development of Zhengbang Group and current situation of Party construction and made an in-depth description on three requirements for Party construction, namely Party construction work of high status, powerful Party organization and productive Party members and cadres. He noted that the mission of Zhengbang’s Party construction is to provide consider service to rural area, agriculture and farmer and provide high-quality and safe food. Meanwhile, he also said that since Zhengbang launched practice on ideal and faith education in 2013, cadres and staffs of the group have strengthened their ideal and faith as well as construction of professional ethics, thus providing powerful spiritual impetus for the group to carry out “100 Billion Project”. In combination with practical situation of Zhengbang Group, he finally recommended chairman Wang to introduce management mechanism of Party committee of state-owned enterprises and central enterprises so as to be given same treatment in reading files, training and conference participation.

Chairman Wang gave high recognition and praise to Zhengbang’s efforts on Party construction and inquired about specific situation on that when president Lin gave the speech. He also showed his concerns on issues including current market in depression, continuous falling of pork price and tight budget and how Zhengbang deals with those issues. President Lin said that Zhengbang was capable and confident in addressing temporary market depression and believed that annual work plan would surely be fulfilled under the correct leadership of the group’s Party committee.

Chairman Wang stressed that private enterprises made important part of market economy and more efforts on supporting private enterprises was beneficial for enlivening market and providing more job opportunities. Meanwhile, it’s necessary to increase efforts on guidance and assistance to Party construction work of private enterprise. He expressed that he’d like to fully take into consideration of president Lin’s recommendation to introduce management mechanism of Party committee of state-owned and central enterprises so as to make Party committee of private enterprises fully play their roles as a fort providing political guarantee for enterprises’ development, thus achieving mutual promotion and common enhancement of Party construction work and economic work.

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