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Strengthened cooperation between banks and enterprises for co-creating bright future
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Shang Yong, Yu Kangzhen, Liu Shiyu, Li Guohua, Lv Jiajin visited Zhengbang for investigation.

On May 15th, Shang Yong, deputy secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the CPC, Yu Kangzhen, vice minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Liu Shiyu, vice president of the People’s Bank of China, Li Guohua, chairman of Postal Savings Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as PSBC) and Lv Jiajin, president of PSBC led a group of more than 120 people participating in PSBC Financial Service Work Meeting for “Rural Area, Agriculture and Farmer” to visit Zhengbang and gave guidance on Zhengbang’s work. They were accompanied by Mao Zuxun, vice secretary-general of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the CPC and director of Agriculture and Industry Department, Hu Hanping, director-general of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Agriculture, Ma Zhongfu, director of China Banking Regulatory Commission Jiangxi Office, Xiao Tianxing, president of PSBC Jiangxi Branch, Zhou Guan, the Standing Committee of Nanchang Municipal Committee of the CPC, Zhu Zhiqun, vice mayor of Nanchang and Qiu Xiangjun, secretary of Party Working Committee of Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. President Lin Yinsun, vice president Zou Ximing, Lin Feng and Nie Xiaohong and president assistant Zhou Xiaohui reported to the investigation group the progress of strengthening cooperation between Zhengbang Group and PSBC and seeking common development.

Shang Yong, deputy secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the CPC, has recognized Zhengbang’s achievement in recent years and praised “100 Billion Project” that Zhengbang is implementing. He hoped that Zhengbang would strengthen cooperation with banks and continue its efforts on becoming bigger and stronger, thus benefiting society and make greater contribution to economic development of Jiangxi.

Yu Zhenkang, vice minister of Ministry of Agriculture, recognized Zhengbang’s achievement in agriculture and animal husbandry industry. Moreover, He encouraged Zhengbang to continue its efforts on improving industrial chain, strengthen the combination of industry and finance and accelerate industry transition and upgrading, thus effectively promoting development of modern agriculture.

After visiting the showroom, Li Guohua, chairman of PSBC, said in excitement that with Zhengbang’s concerns on “rural area, agriculture and farmer”, 100 Billion Project carried out in Zhengbang is a livelihood project beneficial for both the nation and the people. PSBC has always been providing financial service to “rural area, agriculture and farmer” and been supportive to modernization and industrialization of agriculture. He hoped that both of the parties would expand exchange, increase more efforts on cooperation between banks and enterprises, thus achieving common development of bright future.

Lin Yinsun, president of Zhengbang group, said that he expected more comprehensive and closer business cooperation in higher-level and broader field between the group and PSBC. We should carry out exploration on developing E-commerce and conduct more flexible, efficient and practical financial business.

It’s reported that Zhengbang group will work with PSBC to carry out cooperation between banks and enterprises and develop new pattern of cooperation between financial institution and real economy. Zhengbang has always been keeping close cooperative relationship with PSBC during its development. At the beginning of Zhengbang’s development, PSBC has used network covering rural area to help Zhengbang with selling products of pesticide, seeds and veterinary and handling payment remittance with annual sales figure of almost 100 million yuan coming up, which has been strongly supportive for Zhengbang to increasingly become bigger and stronger. Since the establishment of PSBC, it has provided timely financial support to Zhengbang and its upstream and downstream clients. The two parties have carried out excellent and wide cooperation. Recently, the two parties will sign an agreement on strategic cooperation to expand cooperation field and work together to make greater contribution for the development of “rural area, agriculture and farmer”.

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