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Jiang Yikang, secretary of Shangdong Provincial Committee of CPC, and Guo Shuqing, governor of Shangdong province, met with Lin Yinsun
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(Zhengbang) On December 22nd, discussing meeting was held in Jinan. During the meeting, Jiang Yikang, secretary of Shangdong provincial committee of CPC, and Guo Shuqing, governor of Shangdong province, met with Lin Yinsun, board chairman and president of Zhengbang Group, Le Ding, deputy secretary of Party Committee of Zhengbang Group, and their delegation. They listened to introduction of current situation and plans of Zhengbang’s investment in Shangdong.

Lin Yinsun introduced that in recent 10 years, Zhengbang Group has made an accumulative investment of 8 billion yuan to establish a sole-funded company and five holding companies, which eventually developed “Zhengbang faction in Shangdong” that is vital to agriculture and animal husbandry industry in Shangdong. These companies cover feed production, pig breeding, live pig breeding, duckling breeding and saline land transformation. These industries can be found in every county and city in Shangdong province and their influence has spread to surrounding areas including Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu. The total output of 2014 has reached over 16 billion yuan., Zhengban plans to further increase investment in Shangdong and improve industry chain in Shangdong in future, intending to make an active contribution to promoting local economic and social development.

Jiang Yikang said that Shangdong had a historical tradition of mercantilism and the worship of commerce. In recent years, Shangdong has taken development of private economy as a long- term plan and strategy. Private economy has been put at a position of more importance. Shangdong will make efforts to optimize environment of business and enhance service level, intending to make collaborative achievement take root and sprout and then blossom in Shangdong province.

Secretary Jiang Yikang and governor Guo Shuqing welcomed Zhengbang’s investment in Shangdong and expressed that more support will be given to Zhengbang for greater and stronger achievement.

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