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Adaptation to new normal of economy for achieving new rise of Zhengbang
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Zhengbang Group held grand 2015 awarding ceremony on annual review of 100 Billion Project

On the morning of January 29th, 2015, grand 2015 awarding ceremony on annual review of 100 billion project was held in Nanchang of Jiangxi province .

The following leading cadres were invited to the conference: Xiong Shengwen, former vice governor of Jiangxi province, Sha Yushen, deputy head of National Animal Husbandry Station and vice president of China Feed Industry Association, Ron, general manager of Genesus Inc (Asia-Pacific region) which is an international partner of Zhengbang, Cheng Guanhuai, deputy director-general of Jiangxi Provincial Agricultural Department, Zhang Zhongping, counsel of Jiangxi Provincial Agricultural Department and former director of Agricultural Comprehensive Development Office of Jiangxi Province, Zhang Guohua, representative from the place where Zhengbang’s investment is made and vice mayor of Baicheng city of Jilin province, Jiang Mingcheng, deputy director of Industry and Information Technology Committee of Jiangxi Province, Li Qinghua, deputy director-general of Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province, Liu Fuyuan, deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Grain, Xiong Shaoyuan, Party Group member of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technoloy and director of Intellectual Property Office of Jiangxi Province, Qiu Xiangjun, secretary of Party Working Committee of Management Committee of Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhang Juntao, representative of Zhengbang’s collaborative banks and president of Modern Agriculture Financial Affairs Department of Ping An Bank, Liu Ronggen, representative of leaders from Nanchang Municipal Government and deputy secretary-general of Nanchang Municipal Government, Luo Hongwei, provincial government representative in charge of Zhengbang 100 Billion Project and director of Collection Division of Jiangxi Local Taxation Bureau. Board members of Zhengbang Group including Lin Yinsun, Zhou Ximing, Cheng Fangui, Zhou Jian, Lin Feng, Zhou Xiaohui, Wang Chuang and Dong Zizhu and Lu qing, cadre from Commission of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangxi Province who is in charge of Zhengbang 100 Billion Project attended the conference together with guests and representatives from the places where Zhengbang’s investment is made and collaborative banks, and they were seated on rostrum. More than 1000 staff representatives from Zhengbang’s industries including agricultural and animal husbandry, planting, finance and logistic attended the conference.

At the meeting, Lin Yinsun, secretary of the Party Committee, board chair and
president of Zhengbang Group made a work report titled Adaptation to New Normal of Economy for Achieving New Rise of Zhengbang. The report includes the summary of the past work, analysis of situation and planning of future development and further mobilizes all staffs in the group to make practical efforts with hardworking and enterprising spirit so as to strive for decisive victory of Zhengbang’s 100 Billion Project.

The report covers three sections. By introducing five “New” issues, the first section briefly summarizes work performance in 2014, accurately concludes “three types of experience” and objectively analyzes “five shortages” found in work. The second section covers the work plan for 2015, which includes guiding thought, goals and work priorities for Zhengbang’s work of this year. The third section shows that in order to achieve 100 Billion Project, we need to make effective efforts in “five aspects”. President Lin’s report not only covers accurate analysis of macro situation and shows path for Zhengbang’s development, but also sets up new and higher requirements for work of various departments.

In 2014, Zhengbang Group achieved comprehensive output of 43.068 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 19.6%. The year of 2014 is critical for Zhengbang’s implementation of 100 Billion Project and is an important year for Zhengbang Group to adapt to new normal, seize new opportunity and carry out industrial restructuring and upgrading. It is in this year that Zhengbang increased its comprehensive strength and was listed in three categories of the honor of China Top 500, moving up more than 40 places. It is in this year that Zhengbang further improved its corporate image, wan twelve national honors and was awarded the honor of being National Enterprise Technology Center and academician workstation. President Lin Yinsun was awarded the honor of the fourth group of “national excellent builders of socialist cause with Chinese characteristics among people from non-pubic economy sector” and “leading figures of China food industry”. Moreover, Party and State leaders as well as provincial government leaders have met with president Lin Yinsun for many times and highly appreciated his work.

Zhengbang Group plans to achieve a total output of 55 billion yuan in 2015. In face of new challenge, Zhengbang identified the following aspects as work priorities:
--Improve quality and increase efficiency of traditional industry and make emerging industry officially operate;
--Implement diversified development strategy so as to improve industry integration and correlation;
--Implement connotative development strategy to enhance industry differentiation and competitiveness;
--Implement strategy aiming for international development so as to improve market share and popularity of its products;
--Implement strategy aiming for accelerating soft power, intending to make Zhengbang culture cover the whole Group and various fields.

Sha Yusheng, Ron, Chen Guanhuai, Zhang Guohua, Qiu Xiangjun and Zhang Juntao made speeches at the conference. Nie Xiaohong, vice president of Zhengbang Group chaired the conference. Lin Feng, vice president of Zhengbang Group read Decision on Honoring Advanced Collectives and Excellent Individuals of the Year of 2014. At the meeting, many people and departments were given awards, including 4 for 2014 Special Award of Zhengbang 100 Billion Project, Top 10 Greatest Contributors of the year of 2014, 7 for Best Economic Effectiveness Award, 14 excellent departments, 62 excellent supervisors, 169 excellent staffs, 14 for Rising Star Award, 3 for Science and Technology Progress Award, and 21 excellent family members.

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