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Zhengbang held 2015 Summit Forum
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On the afternoon of January 29th, Zhengbang Group held “New Normal, New Rise” Summit Forum in its headquarter in Nanchang. The forum covers introduction of development of various industries including feed, breeding, pesticide, finance, financial affairs and food. Administrative staffs at high level, together with major backbone staffs and elites, assembled to carry out in-depth discussion. President office members including Zhou Ximing, Chen Fangui, Lin Feng and Zhou Xiaohui attended the forums related to industries that they are respectively in charge of. President Lin Yinsuan took a visit in all the sub forums.

Sub forum on Zhengbang’s biochemical development sparked heated discussion among participants on questions such as gap between Zhengbang’s biochemical development and the aim of reaching annual output of 1 billion yuan, how to reach that target, how to expand overseas business, work priorities in 2015, development strategy and plan in the next 3 to 5 years, and how to achieve innovative business mode, etc.

In the sub forum on Group financial management center, financial management elites from Group headquarter and 12 industries of joint companies such as feed and breeding pig gathered to discuss questions on business accounting and financial management mode. President Lin encouraged financial staffs to stick with Group’s transition and upgrading step so as to improve efficiency and make efforts to improve quality, methods and level of organization, structure and team work.

In the sub forum on food, Shanhai Shanlin Foods and Ji’an Food Company had a discussion on brand and human resources planning, innovative thought of business mode and decrease of annual purchase cost. Liang Deren, general manager of Shanghai Shanlin Foods said that they will upgrade its factories into credible enterprises in food safety, upgrade stores into Shanlin Kitchen and build online and offline platform for fans. Moreover, they will develop terminal outlets to expand brand effect and will build brand and increase brand influence by brand promotion activities such as media distribution and marketing.

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