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Lin Yinsun, delegate of the NPC, lived up to the full trust placed on him and performed duties in accordance with law, returning with honors after attending the third session of the 12th NPC
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Given expectation of tens of thousands of agricultural enterprises and entrustment of hundreds of millions of farmers, Lin Yinsun, deputy to NPC as well as board chairman and president of Zhengbang Group, flew to Beijing to attend the third session of the 12th NPC on March 3rd.

Agricultural development is the common aspiration of people and is also what Lin Yinsun focuses on. In order to be well prepared for this meeting, Lin Yinsun has made investigation in Jiangxi, Heilongjiang and Shandong before attending the meeting, intending to have a well understanding about social situation and will of people and make active preparation for discussing national interest and people’s livelihood. In addition, He has been serious in preparing proposal and recommendation on providing supporting planting land to breeding enterprise, conducting invoice reform of added value for private transport operators, intensifying poverty alleviation and accelerating agricultural modernization. He is determined to take any opportunity to advocate issues on agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

On March 5th, the third session of the 12th NPC was inaugurated in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, made a government work report in the conference. Lin Yinsun could not stop himself from being excited. He agreed to an interview by JXTV as soon as he walked out of the conference hall.  “Regarding agricultural modernization, a proposal was raised in the government work report, which is about to strengthen agriculture, enrich farmers and beautify villages. After hearing these, I felt very excited.”

On the morning of March 6th, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC central committee, Chinese President and chairman of central military commission, attended the discussion among Jiangxxi delegation. During the meeting, delegates including Qiang Wei, Lu Xinshe and Mo Jiancheng made remarks respectively. Afterwards, general secretary Xi Jinping made an important speech. Xi Jinping affirmed what Jiangxi has achieved over the past year and emphasized that efforts should be made to accelerate development of old liberated area especially the central soviet area. Masses in old liberated area should not left behind in the process of building a well-off society in an all round way. We need to make unswerving determination to win tough fight, intending to make people in old liberated area, together with people all over the country, enjoy fruit of building a well-off society in an all round way.

The important speech made by general secretary Xi has raised heated response among delegates. Delegate Lin Yinsun said: “General secretary Xi Jinping’s participation in the discussion among Jiangxi delegation shows cares and concerns for masses of Jiangxi.” We need to earnestly implement the spirit of the speech given by general secretary Xi and make efforts to “ponder the speech sentence by sentence, study it clause by clause and make items refined.” We should unite thoughts, ideas and actions in accordance with the important spirit of the speech made by the general secretary. We should work hard and do a solid job with the guidance of general secretary. We need to fully implement strategic layout of “comprehensive development in four sides” and strive to have a good performance in developing Jiangxi so as to realize new and better accomplishment in return for cares and concerns of the general secretary.

On the morning of March 9th, Jiangxi delegation held plenary meeting to discuss work report of the NPC Standing Committee. Wang Yang, member of political bureau of CPC central committee and vice premier of the State Council, noted that it’s the obligatory responsibility for our Party and government to overcome poverty and achieve prosperity in areas in poverty including old revolutionary base areas. This is also determined by the nature of our Party and government. With a vision of implementing the Party’s aims and achieving the goal of “tasks for the next two centuries”, we need to fulfill further union of thoughts, improvement of understanding and cohesion. Examination and appraisal mechanism needs to be improved so as to practically promote poverty alleviation with precision, thus ensuring masses from area in poverty to enter into well-off society in an all-round way together with people across the country.

At the meeting, delegates including Lin Yinyun, Qiang Wei, Lu Xinshe and Mo Jiancheng made thematic speeches, suggesting to increase efforts in policy supports to agricultural industrialization. More subsidies are needed especially for industries with local characteristics such as sasanqua planting.

Lin Yinsun performed his duties to state his views unreservedly at the meetings of discussing Draft Amendment to the Legislation Law on Math 10th, decision draft of amending legislation law on March 12th and work reports of the supreme people’s court and the supreme people’s procuratorate.

At the meeting, delegate Lin Yinsun submitted Recommendation on Making Policy of Providing Supporting Planting Land to Breeding Enterprise and Recommendation on Invoice Reform of Added Value to Private Transportation Operators. Meanwhile, he left his signatures in five proposals.

On March 15th, the third session of the 12th NPC came to an end with various agenda items successfully accomplished and was closed at the Great Hall of the People. After the conference, Lin Yinsun was interviewed by JXTV and expressed that he would convey the spirit of NPC and CPPCC to all staffs of Zhengbang Group as soon as he returns. More enthusiastic spirit and more scientific measures will be needed in order to promote Zhengbang’s upgrading which will bring greater contribution to national economic and social development.

During the meeting, Lin Yinsun has also interviewed by medias such as Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily and JXTV. He introduced Zhengbang’s experience on development and put forward an idea of promoting agricultural modernization, which brought a great influence. Meanwhile, Lin Yinsun took his free time to visit leaders of the NPC Standing Committee, the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, All China Federation of Trade Unions, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, State Administration of Grain, State Agriculture Comprehensive Development Office, Liaoning provincial Party committee and Shandong Provincial Party committee and gave some concrete opinions for development of agriculture and private enterprise.

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