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“It’s good to make a big company beneficial for everyone!”Lu Xinshe, governor of Jiangxi province, praised Zhengbang’s core value during his visit to Zhengbang
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(Zhengbang) (Hong Jun, Culture Department) On the morning of March 25th, Lu Xinshe, governor of Jiangxi province, Li Yihuang, vice governor of Jiangxi province and their delegation visited Zhengbang Group for investigation. At the following meeting, Lin Yinsun, board chairman and president of Zhengbang Group made a report on development of Zhengbang Group.

Governor Lu Xinshe and his delegation arrived at Zhengbang Group without pomp at eight o’clock. After arriving, Governor Lu Xinshe and his delegation then visited exhibition hall at the ground floor of Zhengbang’s headquarter. Equipped with advanced sound and light devices, this exhibition hall provides comprehensive introduction of Zhengbang Group. 

Governor Lu listened carefully when a guider gave an introduction. Governor Lu was attracted by “smiling face wall” as soon as he came to the exhibition hall. He said that this “smiling face wall” was a good way to make people feel Zhengbang’s corporate culture at their first glance and express the people-oriented philosophy applied in Zhengbang’s operation. When standing in front of corporate honor wall, governor Lu pointed to three plaques showing Zhengbang’s ranking 321st of China Enterprise Top 500, 79th of China Top 500 Private Enterprises and 159th of China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises and said it’s not easy for Zhengbang to make those achievements. Governor Lu stopped from time to time in front of exhibiting boards showing development on agriculture and animal husbandry, planting and logistic and spoke with president Lin Yinsun privately in smile. When he walked to exhibiting board on financial industry, governor Lu said to president Lin Yinsun: “it’s a good idea for Zhengbang to make arrangements for establishing Yumin Bank. Provincial government has communicated with China Banking Regulatory Commission over and over again. So far this work is going well.”

Exhibition areas such as experience area and brand showcase outline current development and achievements of Zhengbang Group. Governor Lu nodded along the way of visiting those areas. When walking to future exhibition area, he asked for detailed information of Zhengbang’s starting a new undertaking and meaning of “investing in two ends and dealing with two sides” and gave full affirmation.  

A brief meeting was held after the visit.

President Lin Yinsun firstly express grateful thanks to governor Lu and vice governor Li for their cares for Zhengbang of all time. He said that Governor Lu made instructions on Zhengbang’s work respectively in 2013 and 2014. On March 18th, 2015, governor Lu made instruction on Zhengbang’s work again. Vice governor Li Yihuang has made two separate instructions on Zhengbang’s work. All staffs of Zhengbang have been greatly encouraged by cares and concerns of provincial leaders.

Afterwards, Lin Yinsuan gave brief introduction of current development of Zhengbang.

Lin Yinsun said that good policy and great support from Party committees and governments at various levels have made it possible for Zhengbang to achieve great development and to be listed in “China Top 500”. Meanwhile, it is also because Zhengbang Group has developed the following five basic approaches that are suitable for its own development:

(1)To make science and technology a driven force for planter and breeder in large size to start business and get wealthy. New faces are hired so as to include graduates into business starting and innovation;

(2)To build green agriculture and ecological agriculture and develop circular economy mode that is consisted of planting and breeding;

(3)To be committed to deep processing of agricultural products and launch series products with Jiangxi characteristics;

(4)To develop emerging logistic industry so as to extend industrial chain;

(5)To invest in two ends and deal with two sides, intending to became an organizer and leader of agricultural industrialization.

Governor Lu Xinshe said that he felt every pleased to visit Zhengbang Group and it was out of his expectation that Zhengbang, as an agricultural enterprise, could achieve an output value of 43 billion yuan, which is not easy to make. He also expressed that provincial Party committee and provincial government would fully support Zhengbang’s efforts to achieve an output value of 100 billion in 2017. “It will be very difficult for Zhengbang to achieve output values of 55 billion yuan and 100 billion yuan respectively in 2015 and 2017. I hope Zhengbang will strive for the goals.” Governor Lu said. After listening to the introduction, he was very impressed by Zhengbang’s core value which is characterized for “turning a small company into a big one which can be eventually beneficial for everyone” and highly praised this core value. He thought that it was normal for an enterprise to turn a small company into a big one while it is remarkable for Zhengbang to raise the idea of making the great one beneficial for everyone.

“I think there are two key factors for making a big one beneficial for everyone. The first one is mechanism. Ever since a company becomes big, it ‘s necessary to have a mechanism which enables staffs to develop together with an enterprise. The second is to play its leading role in leading a joint development for everyone, which is critically important.” Governor Lu expressed that he really appreciated thoughts and ideas that president Lin mentioned. For achieving an output value of 100 billion yuan, the enterprise must take Jiangxi’s advantage as a basis and fully develop green food industry. Effort should be made to extend industrial chain and achieve highly and deep processing. The added value of front end is low. Therefore, if the enterprise is expected to become big, it must increase its efforts on the backend so as to increase added value.

With respect to issues relevant to Zhengbang’s appealing for support from provincial Party committee and provincial government, governor Lu Xinshe said they could be taken into consideration. “We have already thought about some issues which you might not notice. Taking Yumin Bank for example, vice governor Li Bingjun and I have already communicated with China Banking Regulatory Commission for many times. I think other issues you have appealed for could  also been taken into consideration” Lu Xinshe said.

Tan Xiaolin, secretary-general of provincial government, Zhang Xiaoping, deputy secretary-general of provincial government, Liu Jinyan, executive vice director of the United Front Work Department of provincial Party Committee and secretary of Party Group of Jiangxi Federation of Industry & Commerce, Lei Yuanjiang, chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry & Commerce, Hu Shizhong, director of Industry and Information Technology Committee of Jiangxi Province, Guo An, mayor of Nanchang city and Qiu Xiangjun, secretary of Party Working Committee of Management Committee of Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone accompanied governor Lu and vice governor Li during the investigation. Nie Xiaohong and Lin Feng, vice presidents of Zhengbang attended the meeting.

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