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Xiao Yi, Secretary of Fuzhou municipal committee of the CPC, met a delegation led by Lin Yinsun
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On the morning of June 13th, Xiao Yi, Secretary of Fuzhou municipal committee of the CPC, met a delegation led by Lin Yinsun, chairman of Ganfu Chamber of Commerce and president of Zhengbang Group. The two parties carried out in-depth exchange on project cooperation. Xiao Yi made an affectionate remark to Fuzhou entrepreneurs outside Fuzhou that today our hometown has shown its strong vigor and contained great potential. He hoped that everyone would have love for hometown and enthusiastically join the big wave of building happy hometown, thus making greater contribution to upgrading of Fuzhou’s development. Xiong Yunpeng, member of Standing Committee of Fuzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and director of Fuzhou Rural Work Department, deputy mayor Wei Jianxin and Li Jianlin, secretary-general of Fuzhou municipal committee of the CPC attended the meeting.

Xiao Yi expressed warm welcome to the delegation led by Lin Yinsun for their coming back to hometown for cooperation. He said that although total economic aggregate was relatively small, Fuzhou had great space and potential for development. With the continuously improved transportation, Fuzhou has shown its increasingly obvious location advantage. It has policy advantage known as “4+1”, namely 4 strategies at national level and 1 strategy at provincial level. Moreover, it receives policies from provincial committee of the CPC and provincial government with respect to supporting Fuzhou to accelerate development in deepening regional cooperation. It has greater potential for further development.

Xiao Yi noted that when Qiang Wei, secretary of provincial committee of the CPC, made an investigation in Fuzhou, he required Fuzhou to seek for potential with “broader” perspective and set to work on “innovation”. We need to continuously explore and develop upgrading of new fields. In face of new mission, we must adapt to new normal and show our new efforts. Currently, we unswerving stick to object of developing Happy Fuzhou. With a tight focus on strategic layout of “integrating Fuzhou into Nanchang, being joint with Haixi and building Xiangpu Economic Zone, we need to strive to promote upgrading of various work in Fuzhou.  Cadres and masses around Fuzhou should be united for working hard, make pioneering and innovative efforts and do solid work with earnest. They need to think and work for the same object, and make concerted efforts to accelerate Fuzhou’s development.

Xiao Yi said that in order to achieve upgrading of Fuzhou’s development, we need to unite all forces and work under cohesion of wisdom of all. Currently, on one hand, we work on attracting foreign business and investment, thus striving for introduction of more great and good projects. On the other hand, we work on issues on coming back to hometown for starting business, thus stimulating enthusiasm of Fuzhou entrepreneurs outside Fuzhou with respect to investment in hometown. People in hometown are eagerly expecting that Fuzhou entrepreneurs outside Fuzhou can be involved in economic building of hometown and make contribution to build Happy Fuzhou. It is hoped that Fuzhou chambers of commerce in different places can fully play their roles of bridges to call for and lead more Fuzhou entrepreneurs outside Fuzhou to come back to hometown for starting business, thus providing assistance in poverty alleviation of hometown through industrial development. Fuzhou municipal committee of the CPC and municipal government will further optimize environment for development with intention to promote better and faster development of non-public economy.

During the meeting, Lin Yinsun introduced Zhengbang’s projects settled in Fuzhou and budget for investment for the next step and carried out communication about projects on logistics, ecological forestry and food processing. He said that as Fuzhou people, we were responsible for developing our hometown as possible as we can. Ganfu chamber of commerce will make active efforts to mobilize members of the chamber of commerce to give proactive response to the call of hometown and support development of hometown with full heart. Zhengbang Group will make further investigation to seek for appropriate investment projects in Fuzhou.

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