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Investment 200,000 miles away: Zhengbang launched project in Egypt, the middle-eastern country—Xie Ru, vice governor of Jiangxi province, highly recommended Zhengbang’s project during her visit in Egypt
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From June 7th to 9th, Xie Ru, vice governor of Jiangxi province, led a delegation to make an investigation in Cairo, capital of the middle-eastern country Egypt and Luxor province and highly recommended tourism, education, and transportation of Jiangxi as well as Zhengbang Group. As one of the delegation for the investigation, Nie Xiaohong, vice president of Zhengbang Group, discussed some investment projects and exchanged opinions on agricultural project cooperation with agricultural officials of Luxor provincial government.

It is reported that with intention to build agricultural comprehensive project, Zhengbang Group plans to make an investment of 60 million yuan in Cairo of Egypt, which is located in 200,000 miles away. The other 3 projects are in discussion for preparation.

Located in the joint of Asia, Africa and Europe, Egypt used to be an intersection of China ancient overland Silk Road and maritime silk route. It is the first African and Arabian country to establish diplomatic relationship with China and the first African country to join in Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Meanwhile, Egypt is also an agriculture-oriented country with great needs for agricultural products. In light of this, Zhengbang decided to make Egypt as an important supporting point for “going out”. Going out for overseas development meets Zhengbang’s concept for development and is necessary for achieving transferring of agricultural industry and improving economic benefits of an enterprise. It provides assistance in enhancing agricultural technology of Africa and is also a crucial approach to alleviate supply balance of meat products in Egypt.

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